Jeff Skibitsky, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Jeff received accreditation through the BACB (Behavior Analysis Certification Board). He has worked with the special needs population for 12 years. Jeff has worked in a supervisory role for the past 10 years, within which he has trained therapists and supervisors, and coached parents utilizing a parent training module on effective behavior management. 

Clinical Staff

Dr Natalie Roth, PhD
Director of Clinical Operations & Utah Clinical Director

Dr. Natalie Roth, PhD (2001; Fuller)  is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in particularly in childhood neurodevelopment delays. Dr. Roth grew up in Utah and attended the University of Utah. She graduated from the APA approved psychology program at Fuller Theological Seminary following practicum experience at the University of Southern California and an internship at St. John’s Child Development Center in Santa Monica, California. She and her husband returned to the mountains and lifestyle of Salt Lake City in 2002.


Dr Nicole Young, PsyD
Clinical Director, California

Dr. Nicole Young PsyD is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in treating children and adolescents, specifically providing psychological assessments.  Dr. Young earned her doctorate at Alliant International University’s California School of Professional Psychology San Francisco Campus with an emphasis in Children and Families.  She has worked in a variety of settings including psychiatric hospitals, group homes, schools, and private practice and she is a member of the San Diego Psychological Association’s Children and Youth committee.

Francisco Chavez, MA, BCBA
Regional Director of California

Francisco began working with children with autism in 1999 during his time at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has worked in a supervisory role since 2001, primarily working with parents and staff, but also providing training and education to school districts, parent support groups, students seeking board certification, and other professionals. He has taught graduate courses in Applied Behavior Analysis since 2011.

Maren Jacobson, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA
Regional Director of Utah

Since 2005, Maren has worked with children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Although her professional experience in this field has been varied, Maren’s years of working with individuals with autism have helped define her current educational and professional goals. 

Mellanie Page, M.Ed., BCBA
Regional Director of North Carolina

Mellanie received her master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Utah. She has worked with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for several years. Mellanie has extensive experience developing and implementing behavior plans, conducting a variety of assessments, and providing training for parents and interventionists. Her goal is to continue to learn and provide the highest level of support for individuals with special needs utilizing evidence-based ABA practices.

Kristyn Peterson, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA
Director of Salt Lake County

Kristyn received her M.Ed., with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. Kristyn has worked with individuals with special needs for over nine years in a variety of capacities, and has been working in the field of ABA since 2009. She has worked training behavioral interventionists, directing ABA programs, and has extensive experience working with children with severe problem behaviors.

Valerie Carpio, M.Ed., BCBA
California Director, Training & Professional Development

In 2009, Valerie began working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder for an ABA company based in Southern California. After her bachelor’s, Valerie went on to receive her Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. Valerie has training in Discrete Trial Training, Natural Environment Teaching, Conditional Discrimination Training, and Functional Communication Training. In addition to serving families with ABS, Valerie is also an adjunct faculty member with National University.  

Megan Wolf, MA, BCBA
Director, San Diego County

In 2001, as an undergraduate, Megan began working with children with  developmental delays and autism spectrum disorder. In 2005, she began supervising and designing individualized programs for children receiving ABA services and has enjoyed all of her experiences with the families that she has worked with. She received her master’s in special education at CSUSB and completed her BCBA coursework at Florida Institute of Technology.


Kelly Schuknecht, MA, BCBA, LBA
Utah Director, Training & Professional Development

Kelly received her master’s degree from National University. She has worked with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (18 months old-26 years old) since 2010 and has received extensive training in Natural Environment Teaching, Functional Communication Training and Picture Exchange Communication System. In addition, Kelly has experience conducting multiple types of assessments, creating and implementing Behavior Intervention Plans, and conducting training for staff and caregivers.  

Scott Revlin, MA, BCBA
Director, Ventura

Scott Revlin is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who began working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders while an undergraduate at UCLA. He has supervised the treatment of children since 2000, lectured at universities throughout the USA, and has the sad honor of coauthoring Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas' final publication in 2006.  He is proud to have helped train therapists and supervisors who are now providing effective treatment to children around the world. He resides in Ventura County with his wife and daughter.

Lindsey Hoffman, MA, BCBA
Assistant Director

Lindsey grew up in Logan and loves spending time in Utah's beautiful mountains. She earned dual Bachelors degrees in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education with a minor in Family and Human Development from Utah State University in 2008 and has a M.A. in Exceptional Student Education. She taught first grade for Davis School District for six years and started with ABS in 2014. Lindsey loves working one-on-one with children and having the opportunity to focus on each individual’s strengths and needs. 

Kristy Bauer, MS, BCBA
Assistant Director

Kristy graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a MS in Counseling with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. She has worked in the field of ABA for 10 years and loves working with a diverse population of individuals and their families. She received her BCBA in February 2017 and joined the ABS team in April 2017. On her off time she enjoys training for marathons and is a fitness enthusiast.

Alyssa Tamblingson, MS, BCBA
Assistant Director

Allyssa has over 3 years experience working with the ASD population. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is extremely passionate about her work and loves to be apart of the ABS team, helping to make a difference in the lives of children everyday. 


Andy Saalfield, M.Ed., M.S., ACMHC, BCBA

Andy joined ABS in 2014 and has been working with children with Autism and developmental disabilities for over 10 years. He earned a BA in psychology from Carleton College, and a MEd in Sport Psychology from Boston University. I like what I do because I can help our clients and their families build the skills to create positive changes in their lives." When Andy is not working he loves hiking, skiing and snowboarding in Utah's mountains and spending time with his family and their three dogs.

Christina Teneriello, MA, BCBA

Christina received her Bachelor's degree in Child Development and Psychology from CSU San Bernardino, and began working with students with special needs. Soon after working in the Autism classroom she enjoyed the challenge and the opportunity to grow within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She completed her coursework from National University and received her Masters Degree in 2015. She recently become certified in November 2016. When she's not working with families she loves going to see her Husband play the drums in his band.  "ABS has fostered a supportive environment to help me continue to grow within this amazing and rewarding field." 

Elizabeth Bouchelle, M.Ed., BCBA

Originally from Virginia, Elizabeth has spent eight years in the autism field. She studied music in her undergrad, received her Masters in Special Education in 2015, and her BCBA in 2017. She is thrilled to be part of ABS and is fueled by seeing just how much our clients are capable of. She loves working with families, baking, and 90% of Disney soundtracks.  

Ericka Smith, MS, BCBA

In 2012 Ericka left a 10 year career teaching career readiness at the college level to obtain her graduate degree in School Counseling from National-Louis University in Chicago, IL. She worked with students between the ages of 4 and 18 and developed a passion for students with autism and an interest in the science of behavior.  She went on to complete her BCBA coursework at Southern Illinois University and obtain board certification. She is currently designing programs for children receiving ABA services as well as providing social and emotional education for students who receive general and special education in the public school setting.

Josh Ryker, MS, BCBA

Josh has been working with special needs children since 2008 in a variety of volunteer and professional capacities. He received his Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education in 2010 from Ashford University. Shortly after, a teaching career led him to the world of ABA by 2011 and he began his pursuit of a Master's degree in Psychology with a focus in ABA. He graduated Kaplan University with this degree in 2014 and passed the BCBA exam in 2016. Josh is very results driven and thrives on seeing the evidence of success not only in the children he serves, but in the data that is collected. When he isn't basking in the glory of his data sheets, he enjoys  spending time with his family. 

Julie McVay, MA, BCBA

Julie received her Master of Arts in Psychology from the University of the Rockies in 2014. Following her degree, she completed her BCBA coursework through Florida Institute of Technology in December 2015. Julie has recently become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst as of June 2016 and is excited to start her new chapter with ABS as a Consultant. She has worked professionally with a wide range of children since 2013, and has specifically been practicing ABA since 2014. “ABS has given me the opportunity to work with the most fun and diverse group of children. Being an energetic person myself, I enjoy matching the energy of my clients in order to make a more positive experience through ABA.” 

Nicole Murphy, M.Ed, BCBA

Nicole earned an Masters degrees in Exceptional Student Education with an emphasis in ABA from the University of West Florida. She has earned her BCBA. He goal with each client she works with is to provide that client with the functional skills they need to be successful. "The work I do with ABA provides me and my staff to the be positive force for change in the lives of the children with whom I have the pleasure of working with."

Rayl Smith, MS, BCBA

Rayl earned a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Sociology from the University of Puget Sound and a Master of Science in Special Education with an emphasis in autism therapy from the University of North Dakota. As a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, he endeavors to provide the most current, evidence-based, and functional Applied Behavior Analysis practices in the in-home, school, and community settings. When he's not fishing, skiing, climbing, or trail running, Rayl delights in utilizing his active nature to motivate the children and adolescents with which he works.

Richard Robles, MS, BCBA

Richard Graduated from Ball State University with his Master degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Richard Had previously worked in California as a par educator for 8 years with the local school district, and 5 additional years with a local ABA company. Richard Had received his BCBA certification in November 2016. Richard started working with ABS in February of 2017. Richard has been heard to state that his reinforcement for working is to "observe the improvements his programs have made on a child’s overall quality of life".

Alisa Harman, MA, BCBA
Jr Consultant

Alisa received her Bachelor’s in Science in Psychology from the University of Utah in 2012, along with a Minor in Sociology and a Criminology and Corrections Certificate.  ­In 2017, she received her Master’s in Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from National University.  Alisa has worked with individuals with disabilities since 2008 and has been working in the field of ABA since 2015.  On her spare time, Alisa enjoys going on hikes, shredding the mountain with her brother, camping with her friends, eating loads of sushi, and hanging out with her adopted cat named Omni.  “I love watching my clients reach their short and long-term goals, their success is what will make a positive impact throughout their lives with their families, friends, and community members.”  


Amanda Taylor, M.Ed., BCBA
Jr Consultant

Amanda attended Brigham Young University where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Special Education. She taught in an Autism Unit for four years in both an elementary and secondary setting. In 2018, Amanda received her Masters in Education and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Her life's passion is helping others and finds it so rewarding to see others learn and grow. 

Andrea Kramer, BS, BCaBA
Jr Consultant

Andrea earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Utah State University in 2014 and will earn a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from National University in 2018. She has been with ABS since 2016 and has over 3 years of experience working with the ASD population. She has a passion for teaching and serving others to improve their lives, which in turn enriches hers.

Cameron Hodgkin, MA, BCBA
Jr Consultant

Cameron received his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Utah in 2010 and his Master of Arts in Community Leadership from Westminster College in 2014. He recently completed his Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University in 2017. Cameron has worked with adults and children with developmental disabilities for five years and started with ABS in 2015. When not working with kids, he enjoys reading, playing the piano, cooking, and painting. 


Diana Arroyo, MSW, BCaBA
Jr Consultant

Diana received her BS in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in 2010 and has worked with children with Autism since 2012. Her strong dedication to help others led her to prepare herself and obtain the certification as Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst and a Master in Social Work from SDSU-IVC. Diana believes that the best way to live a meaningful life is to serve others and share our happiness.

Jeff Hawkins, BS, BCaBA
Jr Consultant

Jeff loves working with kids! He is a BCaBA with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Weber State University, and will complete his Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis through National University in May 2018. He has worked with children and youth on the autism spectrum since 2013, when he worked at a residential treatment facility. In his time at home, he likes spending time with his wife and son, playing strategy games and music, and going outside.

Jonas Stotts, M.Ed, BCaBA
Jr Consultant

Jonas Stotts is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst who lives and practices in the Salt Lake City area in Utah. He studied at Arizona State University, achieving a master’s degree in education. Jonas is a junior behavioral consultant for children with developmental disabilities and performs in home behavior services for clients and their families. He performs initial assessments and consultation during initial visits and provides ongoing treatment/intervention planning. 

Jordan Ossmen, BS, BCaBA
Jr Consultant

I have been working with children aged 2-17 through out my life and in various occupations into the field of ABA. I received a bachelors of Science in Psychology from Brigham Young  University in 2014. In 2017 I began the BCaBA curriculum at National University and graduated with a BCaBA license in February of 2018. I love working with children and families, celebrating each child's  progress and successes right along with them. I am grateful to be apart of the ABA world that is constantly striving to help others learn and grow and find their own successes. In my free time I enjoy doing anything outdoors, running, reading, and spending time with my husband and family. 

Kaylie Stephens, BA, BCaBA
Jr Consultant

I was born & raised in Utah and love the outdoors. I am fascinated by the human brain and so chose to study psychology at BYU. I've worked with kids of all ages from 2-18 over the years and love interacting and learning from them. After a few years in the field, I was continually drawn to working with individuals on the autism spectrum and decided to pursue a career in behavior analysis. I love my job and the kids I work with. I recently got married to my best friend and we live in Provo where he is getting a master's degree in computer science. In our free time (when we have it) we love adventuring, reading, cooking, hiking, relaxing and music. 

Shelby Burton, BA, BCaBA
Jr Consultant

Shelby graduated from Utah State in 2016 and in 2018 became a BCaBA.  She enjoys hiking, camping, boating, and being outdoors.  Shelby feels that through her various jobs in college, she has been lucky enough to find her passion which is working with the ASD population and their amazing families.  She looks forward to many more years helping and contributing to the lives of others through ABA therapy.


Spencer Hermansen, BS, BCaBA
Jr Consultant

Spencer received a bachelors degree in Physical Education from Utah State University in 2012. In February 2015 he obtained his certification as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst and is now working towards a masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Spencer strives to combined his knowledge of best practice in the ABA science with the unique values and needs of the client's family culture to create solutions that are meaningful for the client and family, practical for implementation, and supported by data.



Amy Irvin, MA, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist

Amy received her MA in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2015 with a focus on Neuro Rehabilitation and Behavioral Health.  She has prior experience collaborating with children in the creative arts and has specifically enjoyed working with children with physical disabilities, sensory processing challenges, and learning disabilities both abroad and in her local community.  In her spare time Amy enjoys exploring the Utah wilderness and painting.  She feels privileged to work with such a great team and enjoys serving the children and families she encounters here at ABS.  

Dawn Gummersall, MS, SLP
Speech / Language Pathologist

Dawn Gummersall earned her M.S. in Speech/Language Pathology from Utah State University in 1995. She completed her clinical studies and then began her career at Primary Children’s Medical Center, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been practicing in a variety of home/community/office/school settings, helping children and teens and their families. Dawn’s recent continuing education has included university coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis, which gives her a unique perspective in providing and contributing to collaborative services within the multi-disciplinary team at ABS.


Dr Bonnie Yee-Hebert
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Yee holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and Post-Doctoral Specialization in  Neuropsychology. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Irvine, her Doctoral degree at American School of Professional Psychology, where she earned Magna Cum Laude honors, and a Post-Doctoral specialization at Fielding University. Dr. Yee is a member of Orange County Psychological Association.  Dr. Bonnie Yee specializes in treating all ages, utilizing behavioral therapies and conducting psychological/neuropsychological evaluations.

Dr Shontelle MacQueen, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. MacQueen earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology at Duquesne University and a doctorate at the University of Illinois. She completed her psychology internship in child psychology at Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee. With experience in psychotherapy, educational and psychological assessment, substance abuse assessment and counseling, career decision-making and change, and in individual, family and group therapy, Dr. MacQueen has clinical experience across a wide variety of ages and diagnostic populations.   In Charlotte, Dr. MacQueen works with clients of all ages specializing in psycho-diagnostic assessment, high functioning autism, and anxiety.

Dr. Danielle Parker, PsyD
Psychological Assistant

Dr. Danielle Parker earned her Doctorate of Psychology from Alliant International University’s California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego.  While attending graduate school, Dr. Parker worked with individuals on the Autism Spectrum and received training in ABA.  She completed her pre-doctoral internship in Fresno, California where she focused on helping at-risk youth.  She has extensive experience working with children and adolescents providing individual, group, and family therapy, as well as psychological evaluations.

Griselle Nazario, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist Intern

Dr. Griselle M. Nazario, PsyD.,  a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, was born and raised in Puerto Rico and graduated from the APA approved psychology program at Ponce Health Science University in Puerto Rico in 2007.  Dr. Nazario is certified by the US Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery as an Internal Behavioral Health Consultant.  She has experience working with assessment and behavior modification with kids, teenagers and adults. Dr. Nazario has experience providing individual and group therapy in an in and out patient setting.  Dr. Nazario is fully bilingual and NC Board certified.

Jennifer Rogers
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jennifer Rogers, Psy. D, earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL.  Her clinical training has included extensive work in community mental health providing psychological treatment to individuals across the life span.  She completed an APA accredited pre-doctoral internship at Wasatch Mental Health in Provo, UT where she began her specialization in psychological assessment.  Since then she has continued to focus her clinical work on psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.

Joel Manwill, MS, OT
Occupational Therapist

Joel Manwill received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Utah in 1996. He then received his Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis in 1999. Joel has extensive experience and continuing education in pediatric Occupational Therapy services. He has worked in pediatric therapy settings including school based OT, early intervention, public health, and private therapy. Joel has been happily married for 23 years and whenever possible you will find him hanging out with his wife and seven children. 


Krista Fogarty, MAcc, CPA

Krista joined ABS as the Chief Financial Officer in October 2017.  Krista began her career at KPMG, holding senior finance and accounting positions.  She has played a key role in securing private equity, debt financings, and public debt and equity financings.  Krista has extensive experience in private and public (SEC) financial reporting and in managing business operations.  Krista graduated from Utah State University magna cum laude with a degree in Accounting and also earned a Master's Degree in Accounting (MAcc) from USU.  

Kirk Barton, MBA, JD
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Barton joined ABS in 2018 and has over 12 years of legal and compliance experience in both the healthcare and technology industries. Mr. Barton is responsible for the management and implementation of all legal affairs for ABS and leads the internal processes for promoting and ensuring ABS’s compliance with laws, regulations, company policies and procedures, and chairing its Compliance Committee.

Kristen Hanson, MBA
VP of Operations, Southeast

Kristen Hanson is the Vice President Of Operations for our South East region.  Prior to joining ABS, Kristen held a number of operation focused leadership positions for several multi site healthcare organizations, the most recent being Concentra. Kristen holds an MBA from Southern Oregon University, a BS in Business Administration from CSU Fullerton and holds a Black Belt Six Sigma certification. 

Administrative Staff 
Jeff Hinckley: Data Analyst
Darla Coffey; Billing Manager
Ryan Wackerly: Billing Specialist
Michelle Wiseman: Billing Specialist
Aubrianna Quist: Intake Manager
Maribel Suitt: Intake Specialist
Laura McNaughton: Intake Specialist
Jasmine Vega: Intake Specialist
Ada Hernandez: Intake Specialist
Steve Tamblingson: Intake Specialist
Bethany Hunter: Intake Specialist
Anna Novelo: CA Office Manager
Marie Plummer: NC Office Manager
Victoria Howell: UT Office Manager
Amy Baughman: Layton Receptionist
Aliny Xavier: Salt Lake City Receptionist
Madeleine Ziter; Orem Receptionist
Leigh Hunter: Charlotte Receptionist
Kimberly Vallejo; San Diego Receptionist
Christi Giles: Authorization Manager
Shea Ivie: Authorization Specialist
Jasmine Lucero: Authorization Specialist
Beatrice Garcia: Authorization Specialist
Kim Rodriguez: Authorization Specialist
Heidi Roy: Credentialing Coordinator
Deza Christopher, Credentialing Coordinator
Thomas Dunbar: IT Manager
Travis Yoerger: IT assistant: UT
Kevin Romero, IT assistant: CA
Anna Kacinski: Marketing & Digital Networking Strategist
Karissa Hartman: Scheduling Coordinator, UT & NC