ABA for everyone!

Alternative Behavior Strategies, Inc. (ABS) provides Autism therapy and related services, focusing on the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to help ameliorate deficits and excesses attributable to Autism Spectrum Disorder or Social Emotional Disorders. ABS utilizes a variety of ABA techniques that incorporate motivation and function based teaching into the curriculum or family/community dynamic. These techniques vary from Verbal Behavior, Pivotal Response Training, Natural Environment Teaching and Positive Behavior Supports to more intense teaching methodologies such as Discrete Trail Training. Behavior change strategies focus on the development of alternative behaviors and establishment of skill sets that can replace maladaptive behavior.

To communicate with us about becoming a client, please visit our Prospective Client page

ABS has a comprehensive and ongoing program of ABA training for our staff and  complete administrative and software systems to support our ABA and related services.

Alternative Behavior Strategies has expanded its services beyond our base in Applied Behavioral Analysis for Autism therapy to also include:

  • Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Psychotherapy
  • Social Skills
  • Speech Therapy

These services will compliment your existing ABA therapy, creating continuity of care for overall success. Additionally, our providers in these areas interact regularly with our ABA staff, enhancing their effectiveness. 

We also provide these services to our non-ABA clients.  For further information about these services, see our Services page.  

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